Grain Crops – Providing The Sustenance For Food Security

Staple grains have sustained humanity for centuries, evolving from ancient varieties to modern, versatile strains over time. They remain the cornerstone of diets worldwide and are widely acknowledged as key for achieving global food security.

Buhle Farmers’ Academy in South Africa shines a beacon of hope in this regard, as we empower our Grain Crop Production students to provide the basic sustenance their families and communities need, bolstering their food security.

Stories of Success

Two students, Archibald Sibiya and Sandile Banjties, exemplify the transformative power of training with Buhle Farmer’s Academy. Archibald, 24, is cultivating 490 hectares owned by his family in Mpumalanga. Seeking to boost his harvest, he realised he needed more knowledge. He jumped at the opportunity to enroll with us when he realised that he would be planting under tutelage, learning at the campus, and then implementing his knowledge at the family farm during the breaks.

Previously, he rotated maize and soybeans, but for the most recent season planted 300ha of soybeans. Pleased with the quality of his produce, he plans to plough his proceeds back into the business to increase his production – and to pay for mechanisation of his farm.

Sandile Banjties works for a farmer in Standerton, renting 16 hectares of land to pursue his own farming dreams. Despite extensive practical experience, he lacked business management and mechanisation expertise. We filled these gaps, enabling him to plan his production better, understand the demands of the market, and eventually expand his rented portions.

The evolution of staple grains

Staple grains have been a dietary mainstay since the dawn of agriculture. From the earliest cultivation of wheat, rice, sorghum, and barley in ancient civilisations to the introduction of maize and soya in more recent times, these grains have been adapted to diverse climates and become dietary staples. They provide a rich source of carbohydrates, proteins, and essential nutrients, making them indispensable in the fight against hunger and malnutrition.

Buhle Farmers’ Academy: A catalyst for change

Buhle’s work directly improves the nourishment of South African communities, a large proportion of these in rural areas, where food insecurity abounds. Our training increases food availability and affordability, linking farmers to both formal and informal markets, and empowering new farmers to find solutions to weather-related challenges.

Empowering future farmers

Our Grain Crop Production students participate in four modules, returning home between sessions to apply their newfound knowledge to their own farms. Whether novice farmers or experienced, the goal is the same: to produce crops of commercial quality.

Mechanisation is pivotal in the course, ensuring students are well-versed in modern farming practices. Our multi-faceted Tractor Driving and Maintenance course equips students with the skills to operate a tractor, use various implements for farming tasks, and maintain the machinery efficiently.

Training outcomes

Buhle has a process for selecting students, with telephonic interviews ensuring the most suitable candidates are admitted. In the latest intake, 16 students were admitted, and an impressive 14 successfully graduated.

Our farmers are diversifying their farms, often integrating cash crops alongside staple grains, even on limited land.

An overwhelming 88% of our Grain Production students had no prior tractor-driving experience, highlighting the significance of the training that our Tractor Driving and Maintenance course offers. The ability to operate machinery and use farming implements opens additional income opportunities for these multi-skilled farmers.

A brighter future for South African farmers

Buhle Farmer’s Academy’s training is not just about imparting skills; it’s about nurturing farmers who can actively contribute to the economy. South Africa is seeking to strengthen food security and create jobs in agriculture. Institutions like Buhle play a pivotal role in achieving these vital goals, in some large measure through promoting the cultivation of staple foods through our Grain Production course and mentoring our students once they proceed to build up their own farming enterprises.

Enrol at Buhle Farmers’ Academy today

You must meet the minimum admission requirements to enroll in our Grain Crop Production or Tractor Driving and Maintenance course. We make our courses available to those who have a passion for farming and the capability to farm but may not have a National Senior Certificate or the resources to study agriculture at a university or college.

Visit our website today for more information about Buhle, including how to enroll.

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