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If you are a Buhle graduate or a new farmer, Buhle is there to help you overcome the challenges you are facing, so that you can transform your farm into a thriving, profitable business. Through our Farmer Support program, we will visit your farm to see, first-hand, the problems and opportunities that you are facing. We will listen to your explanation of these challenges, assess them ourselves, discuss ways of addressing them with you, and then draw up a plan of action with you. We will use this plan as a reference during subsequent visits and discussions so that we can help you to monitor your progress.

We have always mentored our graduates, and over the years this work has given us a clear understanding of the nature and variety of the challenges that you could face as a farmer, and how best to address them. These challenges could range from finding the funding to buy machinery, seeds, livestock, or more land; drawing up a budget and keeping detailed records, to ensure your profitability; coping with unexpected diseases and pests; gaining access to markets, and even finding transport to markets.

All entrepreneurs, farmers included, need mentorship. It requires time and determination on our part and yours, but in the end, it will help you to become one of the successful new farming entrepreneurs that our country so keenly needs.

Email to find out more. We look forward to hearing from you.


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