Buhle Is Going Solar!

Buhle’s training academy is partnering with solar leasing platform Sun Exchange, as reported by Landbou.com and ProAgri.

Anyone in the world can buy solar cells in our crowdfunding project with Sun Exchange. Buhle will receive donated solar cells, cutting our electricity bills by 40-70% and allowing us to train more farmers, Landbou reported. Sign up here to support Buhle’s energy future and our training efforts for new farmers in southern Africa.

Thanks to this project, our non-profit organization, Buhle, will receive a 46.8kW solar system to power our operations.

“The prospect of switching to solar power is very significant and very exciting for Buhle,” said Executive Director Zamo Shongwe. Our energy-saving solution reduces costs and addresses the impact of the energy and climate crisis on farmers and South Africa.

Sun Exchange

Sun Exchange members typically earn an income from their investments in solar power systems. The Buhle project stands out as the first initiative where investors reinvest their earnings for maximum benefits. The NPO will incur no installation costs.

Amidst a 653% spike in electricity tariffs and 129% inflation, Sun Exchange notes a growing interest in impactful projects like Buhle.

Sun Exchange is a global digital platform that enables individuals to invest in and lease solar cells to emerging market businesses.

The community’s overwhelming support for the Buhle solar-power project highlights its significant social, economic, and environmental benefits. We invite others across South Africa to join us in getting solar power to Buhle.”

Buhle will incur minimal expenses, as the reduced electricity tariff will cover the management and maintenance of the solar system. 186 members of Sun Exchange in South Africa and worldwide have contributed 31% of the project’s required finance so far.

Anybody can support the Buhle project by becoming a Sun Exchange member and paying the R99 cost for a solar cell.

Find out more at https://bit.ly/41RfwBM.

Contact Buhle Farmers Academy 

For further information or inquiries about Buhle’s solar project, please feel free to contact us. We are excited to share more about our journey toward sustainable energy and its impact on our programs.

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