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Why we’re popping the champagne corks

17th Nov 2016

Blog from our CEO, Neil de Smidt Jobs Jobs Jobs Our country needs more jobs, and fast. We’ve heard it so often, yet our economy is limping so badly, that most of us are in a state of blind panic regarding the rising unemployment in our country. Is it really possible to create the employment […]

Bontle’s Vision

10th Aug 2016

Read this story in Nufarmer magazine about how the vision and dedication of our 2016 Star of Buhle, Bontle Mosweusweu, is paying off.  

Neil’s letter in Business Day

21st Jul 2016

Check out Neil’s letter in Business Day, describing how the path for youth involvement in agriculture has already been forged.  

Letter in Farmer’s Weekly

1st Jul 2016

In this Farmer’s Weekly letter, Neil outlines how best practice has been developed for developing new farmers. farmers-weekly-1-july-2016