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Sandvelder Kontrei – “The Future Grows at Buhle”

28th February 2018

Thanks to Sandvelder Kontrei en Landboutydskrif,, for this fabulous spread – “The Future Grows at Buhle.” We feel privileged to be featured of your positive and inspiring magazine about agriculture and country life. Buhle was delighted to host you, and very pleased you had such a positive impression of our working farm, training academy and […]

Sunday Times spread about Buhle

30th October 2017

How do we cultivate young farming entrepreneurs? This handsome two-page advertorial in the Sunday Times (29 October 2017), organised by our generous supporters the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) and the Land Bank, explains Buhle’s mission and how the IDC and the Land Bank are helping us to achieve it as they work towards fulfilling the […]

How new farmers can weather drought

29th September 2017

At Buhle, we are often asked about how we help our graduates survive the inevitability of drought – and even whether this is possible. These are valid questions, given that we live in a water-scarce country, and that climate change is having a further impact. Can we really equip a new generation of farmers to […]

Buhle on CNN

4th September 2017

Watch this video clip in which CNN outlines how Buhle creates the farming entrepreneurs that are so desperately needed to create jobs – and create food security – in the rural areas of South Africa. The clip features our Chief Operating Officer Nyiko Maluleke, John Deere’s Managing Director for Sub-Saharan African, and our student Tumelo Nchiyane […]

Farmer’s Weekly story: huge-hearted Buhle graduate mentors 28 young women farmers

14th August 2017

Farmer’s Weekly has just published the inspiring story of Linda Zwane, a successful livestock farmer who is convinced that agriculture holds enormous promise for young black women, and is dedicating most of his time to proving the point. Linda Zwane, empowering women farmers in Mpumalanga Livestock farmer Linda Zwane has his own farm to run […]

Thank you for an extraordinary year!

12th December 2016

Blog from our CEO, Neil de Smidt Dear Buhle partner As we gallop towards the end of 2016, I am delighted to have this opportunity to thank every one of our partners you what you have done for us this year. It has been a rollercoaster year, one of the most extraordinary in Buhle’s history, […]

Zamo tells story of Buhle’s growth

2nd December 2016

2 December 2016: Our Finance and Business Director, Zamo Shongwe, tells the story of Buhle’s growth, and how we serve rural communities, at the recent agro-processing conference.

Why we’re popping the champagne corks

17th November 2016

Blog from our CEO, Neil de Smidt Jobs Jobs Jobs Our country needs more jobs, and fast. We’ve heard it so often, yet our economy is limping so badly, that most of us are in a state of blind panic regarding the rising unemployment in our country. Is it really possible to create the employment […]

Bontle’s Vision

10th August 2016

Read this story in Nufarmer magazine about how the vision and dedication of our 2016 Star of Buhle, Bontle Mosweusweu, is paying off.  

Neil’s letter in Business Day

21st July 2016

Check out Neil’s letter in Business Day, describing how the path for youth involvement in agriculture has already been forged.