Introducing Buhle Farmer’s Academy

There are many thousands of new farmers in South Africa who have access to arable land but don’t have the skills they need to farm it. Buhle Farmers’ Academy is a non-profit organisation that trains and mentors these aspiring farmers.

We offer holistic courses covering all the farming and management skills new farmers need (see Programme section for more detail). Trainees come from all over the country to learn at our campus near Delmas, Mpumalanga.

In our 18 years of operation we have grown from strength to strength, and have now trained well over 5 000 emerging farmers – half of them women and 65% of them youth – in vegetable, crops, poultry and livestock production, and mixed farming. Even better, about 10 000 jobs have been created due to Buhle, based on the assumption that for every new farmer established at least one additional job is created.

Our Mission

Buhle’s mission is train new and aspiring farmers from across South Africa to run farming businesses that are both profitable and sustainable. The effect is that we are helping to alleviate poverty by creating jobs and ensuring food security in our own agricultural sector.

Our People

Our staff are the people who make it all happen, and behind us is the highest authority of our organisation, the Board of Trustees of the Food Health Hope Foundation. The Board oversees our vision, mission and activities, donating their time, knowledge and experience to help grow and guide our organisation.

Our Partners

We are extremely grateful for our partners, who share our dream of empowering new farmers – and enable us to make this dream a reality.